Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Psychology and Pure Entertainment Purposes Essay

It is a known fact that there is a great diversity of entertainment options. There are many forms of entertainment targeted towards population for different purposes such as educational, informative, or pure entertainment purposes. To begin to talk we would say that as everything, entertainment may be looked whether as a positive or negative thing. Of course, opinions about this topic can be many, depending on the angle we might be looking at it. On the one hand, entertainment is seen as a good thing for society. Referring to television for example and taking the subject from an educational point of view, there are several channels which are mainly about nature and even can provide information about physical phenomena affecting our Earth, things which can be found interesting mostly for children. Nevertheless, television has become a bad influence in the opinion of many people, as there is a lot of perversion and violent things they would prefer not to see. On the other hand, we could take the psychological field. Referring to this topic, entertainment seems to be very positive and relaxing, for example watching television when we get home after a long period of working. It certainly can help to open up our minds and stay calm for a while. However, when it comes to adolescents this can become a bad habit and abusing of its benefits can keep them apart from their obligations and their study. To sum up, I would say that we all enjoy the occasional escape from reality; but more and more entertainment is shoving its way into our world. It’s everywhere we look, we are forced to deviate from the path it leads us down. Entertainment could be a good aspect in our society if we learn how to take control of its advantages and disadvantages.

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