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The Book Of The Acts Review Religion Essay Essay Example

The Book Of The Acts Review Religion Essay Essay Example The Book Of The Acts Review Religion Essay Essay The Book Of The Acts Review Religion Essay Essay For the intent of this essay, I will be composing a reappraisal on the book titled The book of The Acts, written by F F Bruce. This book is divided into six parts and for the intents of this essay, I will be reexamining each portion of the book and I will besides make an rating of the book every bit good as a decision. The book of Acts, is one of the books of the New Testament. It s writer is unknown, nevertheless Bruce tentatively accepts that its writer might be Luke. In this book, Bruce gives a measure by measure usher and dislocation of each chapter of the book of Acts and explains in inside informations what the narrative was all about. Reappraisal of Part One A ; Part Two In portion one of this book, the author, F F Bruce, starts to explicate about Jesus visual aspect to His adherents and followings over a period of 40 yearss between His Resurrection and Ascension. Harmonizing to Luke s work, the visual aspect was confine to Jerusalem and its vicinity. Luke declares that Jesus continued to teach His adherents and followings. In the clip of Jesus Resurrection and visual aspect, Jesus instructed his adherents non to go forth Jerusalem until they received the power of the Holy Spirit. ( Act 1:5 ) This event was followed by an out pouring of the Holy Spirit on the twenty-four hours of Pentecost. After the 15th twenty-four hours of the banquet of the Passover besides known as the Feast of the hebdomad, the writer points out that the Holy Spirit moved mightily among the adherents, which resulted in them having the gift of speech production in linguas ( Glossolalia ) . This gift attracted many people as they were keen on hearing the Gospel because of this. Enormous plants were done by the apostles during this clip, which besides resulted in Peter and John being arrested. Believers at that clip shared all things in common. Bruce besides take into history the fraudulence of Ananias and that of Sapphira. In portion two of this book, the writer went farther to enter about how Paul was being persecuted everyplace he goes to prophesy the Gospel. As a consequence this lead to groups being favoured over another. The apostle thought it was their responsibility to oversee fiscal agreement of the community. They therefore chose seven leaders of the Hellenist church, who were called deacon harmonizing to their tradition to assist with this undertaking. Many priest were joininng the trusters because of these spiritual place. Most Priest were from a affluent household, nevertheless there were some resistances from the ordinary Priests. The writer explained that there were three chief resistance groups. Harmonizing to Bruce, Stephen s arguer was that the Gospel meant the terminal of the forfeit and ceremonial Torahs. Stephen s address is frequently called defense mechanism or apology from Sanhedren. Stephen was subsequently stoned and executed as approved by Saul Reappraisal of portion Three A ; Part Four In this subdivision of the book, Bruce looked at the narratives about the healing of Aeneas every bit good as the elevation of Dorcas from the dead. Bruce besides looked at the good intelligence which were preached to the heathens and how they received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Chapter 13 of the book of Acts, which covers the narrative of how Barnabas and Saul were sent out from Antioch ( Acts 13:1-3 ) . After Barnabas and Saul was sent out from Antioch they went to a town called Cyprus as commissioned by the Holy Spirit. Whilst in Cyprus, they continues to prophesy the word of God in the temples of the Jews. After their evangelism in Cyprus they went to the South seashore of Asia Minor. The people who hears the sermon besides continue to evangelize unto others. The crowd continues to turn more and more each clip. Bruce explained about the healing of a feeble adult male at Lystra who was healed by the power of the spoken word of Paul ( Acts 14:8-13 ) . The writer explained that after the Lystran people have seen this marvelous mending they were amazed and they concluded that they were being favoured with a godly trial. It was non long earlier some Hebrews from Antiouch and Iconium came to Lystra and talked the crowd into their ain belief, therefore ensuing in the crowd to oppress Paul and pelt him. The writer explains about how Paul and Barnabas went up to Jerusalem. Whilst they were at that place, they had a meeting with the members of the Council and informed them of all that has happened to them and related all the marks and admirations that God had done through them among the Gentiles. In this subdivision, the writer besides talks about the missive which was sent to the Gentile Christians from the seniors of Church in Jerusalem. Reappraisal of portion Five A ; Part Six Bruce looked at how Paul and Barnabas parted company and how Paul chose Silas as his new co-worker. Afterwards, Paul and Silas went to South Galatia, where they continued to prophesy the Gospel and they were able to turn more churches in religion every bit good as in Numberss. Paul and Silas still continued to confront persecution and this resulted in them being imprisoned. Even after Paul was release, he still continued prophesying the Gospel, this did non frighten him from prophesying the Gospel. Paul besides continued to transport out different manifestation of the Holy Spirit, through healing and the transition of psyches. Paul continued his work until he moved to Ephesus. Paul s persecution continued and he was imprisoned once more and due to his sermon of the Gospel the writer recorded two more imprisonment after the one which happened in Ephesus. On several occasions, Paul will plead with the seniors for his release and he will be released. Paul was accused by the Jews of conv eying a Gentile within a out evidences, and he was arrested once more whilst he was in the temple. Paul was subsequently proved guiltless and he was subsequently handed over to some crewmans. Whilst they were at sea, the ship suffered sea storm every bit good as shipwreck and they were forced to travel to a town called Malta, where the people were so friendly. Paul carried out some marvelous plants whilst in Malta and healed the sick. After this Paul and the other crewmans continued their journey until they got to Rome. Evaluation Although the Book of Acts does non hold a named writer, nevertheless, Bruce tentatively accepted Luke as the writer of this book. Bruce provides first-class enlightening background on the geographical scene of the book every bit good as the historical and political characteristics. This book is utile to anyone, who wants mentions on the book of Acts for their sermon, nevertheless it will turn out excessively hard if it was to be used for bible survey. Due to the manner the contents of the book is, an person will non happen it hard when analyzing a peculiar subdivision of the book and they will be able to acquire good sense of the context. Decision Reading this book, has given me a clearer image of the book of Acts. This book was good written and its account every bit good as enlargement of the book of Acts was really good. It has a batch of resources which I did non cognize about and the narrative of Paul and all the persecution makes me to cognize that evangelism in the olden yearss was far worse than what we are sing now. However, we should all go on to be strong in the religion and merely as the several imprisonment did non do Paul to halt the work of God, we should non give up either when faced with persecution.

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